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MAST provides a remote assistance service through which you can solve many software issues, and systems theory. The main advantages of the service is prompt intervention and savings. The service makes it possible to perform technical interventions that would otherwise require technical presence at your site, with a substantial reduction of transaction costs. Access to the service implies the acceptance of the Regulation below.

Teleassistenza MAST



  • The remote service is based on a technology platform for online customer service. This system allows you to make the MAST technical interventions on the part of its personnel directly on the systems of those who wish to use them to solve problems remotely with software and systems engineering.
  • The software used is directly executable without the requirement to modify the firewall and router access configurations.
  • MAST undertakes not to communicate or disclose any personal data detected during the remote assistance phase, except as strictly necessary for the performance of the service.
  • MAST undertakes not to communicate or disclose any personal data collected during remote assistance, except for what is strictly necessary for the performance of the service.
  • The charge is independent of the service in each case the outcome of the intervention technician.
  • MAST non garantisce che qualsiasi errore o malfunzionamento possa essere eliminato e non potrà essere ritenuta responsabile, se non in caso di dolo, per danni diretti o indiretti (perdita di dati, perdita di produzione, ecc.).
  • MAST does not guarantee that any error or malfunction can be eliminated and will not be liable, except in cases of willful misconduct, for direct or indirect damages (loss of data, loss of production, etc.).
  • MAST assumes the obligation to make available suitably qualified staff which works with due diligence.
  • Entering the service, the customer authorizes the processing of personal data under the law 196/2003, accept the terms and conditions of use and accept the costs of service.